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Related article: Date : Sun, October 29, 2006 21 17th 47 EST From: aol Wyzman34. com Subject: JULIEN -n- Brother 2 Brother Chapter 21 Brother 2 Brother n By Michael Martell CHAPTER 21 \\ \\ n Carlos and I were on our way to the address that Andre had given me, if Pthc Toplist Lolita to leave the hospital. I did not ask how he had the information, despite is a good idea how it got there. As far as I know was Dalziel, that s not the kind of man to meet and discuss a few beers n in the game. Dre is not thinking how information that if it was in all this, I doubted that participate. I had in my life Damar n and for some reason that made ​​me smile. It was getting late and the needs of I s... Damar will not call and let her know I thought that would be him, and he soon. As we drove to Carlos and address Dalziel talked about what we had, that now is not too much. "All I know is that he was at the party," said Carlos. "Everything else is difficult," I repliedAs for my notes Council, Jamal and Kei. " We can not even tie it to the Rohypnol. Those in the n this match could have crept into them. " "But Brett has said there is a history between Dalziel and Mohammed. " Carlos reminded me. " expect it to be a good power... maybe. When we talk to him because we know safe. " I said, hoping that would be true. We arrived at his house. I looked at the clock. Seam is 6 am. I needed some sleep. Carlos and I went to the door and called the Smith Dalziel. after for a while, we called again and again. We think that probably s sleep. After three minutes, do not answer my card at the front door with a note that I would call as soon as possible. Then we went to the office. I entered the hospital and learned that Jamal and Kei released. The doctors had given instructions to return to her father of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases can be tested. I shook my head, which had to be The most difficult thing anyone had to do. I told Carlyou to go home and I will update the El Teniente, we had, it was not as good as anything. Once we get to opportunity to interview Smith Dalziel we have something that I expected. However, where was I? I could not think. I had to go home. I began to call to Damar, but decided that if I did not want to sleep, to wake him. I was like n home, I thought Dalziel Smith and what he had done and why had done. I also thought that this was the second time I of the investigation of sexual assault with this particular group of friends. I have a bit of everything they know, while I saw was Dre. I knew they would get these kids through this. I just had to find what is happening and bring the perpetrators to justice. When I got home, I entered the room in silence. I put on my shoes at the door House of Representatives. I pulled out my service revolver and stuck it in my gun safe and returned to the room. I smiled when she saw in my dream Damar bed. I liked the looks of it. whot in the bathroom, ripped me clothes n and took a shower. I dried off and got into bed naked. I wrapped my arms around Damar and wanted to fall asleep when he turned on your part so that the nose nose. He kissed me and smiled. " I did not see you " wake up, he said. "I woke up, if you're in the shower. " He said. " How are you anyway? " " not good", she told him what happened. Damar had changed. Before do not want to hear about my work. This time he not only maintained, but if n end, gave me a kiss and a hug. " feel it was very hard, the king. But I think that will solve this time rest. " kissed him back and this time out of my passion. Damar reacts n and soon found ourselves deeply No kissing, stroking and touching intimately. Rest was and not in my head and it certainly was not his. I ran a hand through his the body and pleased that he too was naked. Damar also slept in the n I was naked, I forgot. I kissed her ears, neck and down his body. I played with her ​​nipples with his tongue and listened as he moaned and held his breath. He pushed me again and we kissed. that I turned on my back, and what they did with him, began to do for me. I was touching her lips on my body, my nipples sucked lost. I felt his hand grabbed my cock and I realized what happened. He took me to the mouth and sighed and groaned. The more he aspires only took it. I could not stand, but not all. That was too great. a perfect. I was so into what he was doing, I'm hardly noticed that s get something out of bed until I felt that apply a condom, lube and then I was in it. He told me to relax and let him do anything and the work I did. Damar up and down my cock, slowly at first, faster then. He leaned forward and kissed, as he resisted and was with me. I losing my mind. I was on the verge of cuming but I would not. I tried , are here to stayfor ever. I wanted to forget the day, and what had happened. I wanted him and me and nobody else. I knew if I then it was over. Back to the real world would be, and I wanted to maintain it. Damar kept going and going and going and soon I was there. I collapsed in Damar and the outbreak was doing. He covered his chest and, with the sperm neck and it felt good. After a few moments, he went to the bathroom and returned with two hot towels, and he washed and then climbed into bed and went to sleep wrapped in the arms of the \\ \\ n. I could not believe it. I found what I was looking for and that was what had once been returned to me now. Sleep claimed me seconds after. - Shane was 8 of 00 in the morning when I woke up. Sean and I had left the hospital a four in the morning and I should have been still asleep. But I I could not sleep, my head was full of so many things. What had happened Jamal and Kei was terrible. It reminded me of how I felt when Sean had broken a , and I knew that Mohammed and Sonny were going through the same. Then the two children are now with the fact that many tests s after HIV for sexually transmitted diseases and weeks. Had violated home. How do you feel safe again, if the violation occurs in the home. I know how Sean and he was not violated, even here. I moved out of bed and decided I could not sleep because you might as well be dressed and go to work early. I pulled my pants and shirt n in front of them in the bathroom. When I went to sleep Sean went to bed Around the same time and I realized I was still asleep, as the door was closed it was the sound of snoring coming out. I remembered what had happened... almost happened between me and Matt in the bathroom. God, why I had to think about it. I turned on the when it comes to hot water and had entered the water and let it do the work in my body tired. I was leaning against the back wall of the shower and let the water run down my back. I must have driven out, because when I found out how close the the bathroom door, I snapped to life. Probably it was Sean. He said he that was in the shower. N was good for the toilet and the production of a cold shower hot. I wanted to ask why it was so early if the shower curtain opened and a very naked Matthew said Muhammad in the shower. "What are you doing here?" I asked, trying to cover my nakedness. " You asked me to come," he said, " when I heard the shower and saw that his brother was not in his room, I thought that I was waiting here. ' realized he had made ​​a mistake. " Dammit, Shane, sorry " " Nothing has happened just before Sean comes here.. "I said. " Where is he "asked Matthew: " He was not in his room when he was in the shower "It was in his room, I thought it was n \\ \\ here.. ". " I am aware that Matthew was not out of the shower, but was atas sporty an erection every time. I am glad that my hand is mine. " must be a way to get something to eat for us. Or maybe something s for both. " " Yes," said Matthew, still in my shower fucking. " Matthew, please leave. " I asked. I was always afraid. I always afraid that if he stayed here with me something would happen. "Shane, what the... " " Matthew, I do not talk about it with you while we are in the n shower. " N " what do you want to talk? " was it a joke: "I want to leave my shower to talk. " " Shane, we have to face what happened. " n \\ \\ n " what happened was it was hot as hell to see that they are and get used in the living room. and then I came clean, and I was still... what are you smiling for ? "I asked if I Pthc Toplist Lolita see the smile sexy white smile. " You were spying me and Sean? " " No, I was not spying. When hung up, went out and two were for y... " II stopped because damn much. " They liked what they saw. " Matte finish. " Please get out of the shower, Matt. " I said. I do not want to sound convincing. If you really wanted, he had left and he knew dass As he stretched out his hand and touched my nipples to his knees shook. "M... P... Matt... Please do not do that. " But he ignored me. He played with my nipples and I was lost in the heat of passion. I had not touched by anyone from New Orleans. He grabbed my hands and put them in in the chest. It felt good, felt very good. Nobody had touched me, , but Matt from New Orleans. Back in my head. They were wrong. that was so bad. I kept saying that while we kissed. Oh, my God, was the n ot happen. He was a very good... great kisser. His body was pressed firmly to me. His career has been hard and I could not stop touching it. I forgot that I was my ​​brother Sean. I forgot that Matt was his man. I wanted to feel it. I did not want to be touched. I wanted to beand kissed and caressed ld and love a. "Let's go to your room," said Matt. I quickly agreed. We turned off the shower and quickly went to my room. He kissed and fell on the bed. that tongue and gave me a tongue bath after. I wanted to. I wanted to s all. I returned the favor, as he turned to my bed, feeling together. I was going to explode and there was no pentration. All, remember that the passion was coming to light. We kissed again, when I heard a car strike door. It was Sean, I knew it. I jumped up in panic. " is Sean. You have to get out of here, now!" I ordered. Matt seemed a little a reluctantly, but when I took had no choice. I pushed him into the room Sean is where his clothes were. " Whatever you do, you can not let you know s what happened. " "Shane....... Pthc Toplist Lolita We can not do that" " Shut your mouth and bare ass in bed. " criticized Sean Close the door and returned to my room and crawled under my blanket. When Sean WHI had leftHe was in the shower, in bed, I would not be n On the other hand, unlikely, because sometimes I took a hot shower to get sleep. There was a knock on my door and opened it. Oh God, if Matt, would kill him. " Shane? " It was Sean, "Shane is sleeping? " I turned around, like me. I heard him close the door. Moments later I heard him talking to someone, Matt. Excuse not to at home when he got there and was glad he was waiting. I've heard near the door of the room Sean, and I knew what was happening. I was happy and jealous at the same time. This could not happen again. I In order to overcome this situation. I grabbed my phone and dialed the number, no in my mobile phone directory. The voice on the other hand I knew that in her sex appeal s. "Vincent is this Shane, " I said, " You can come and see me. Need to talk to you. I've been thinking about... with us. " - Mohammed, son, Jamal u0026 KEI Jamal and Kei were asleep. The doctors had prescribed medicationr mild sedatives. Needed by others. Sonny and I the rest if came home and saw the mess we knew it was going to sleep. We chose it would be better if we clean the house before the kids woke up. "What the hell are you thinking?" Said Sonny, as he gave me a cup of coffee. We had finished the cleaning, which was ten o'clock and we were bone tired, but none of us were ready, I still wanted to sleep. We had to many damn questions. " They thought they would have a party while they were gone. " I said. N " Well, you have a party. Hell, you and I thought they were going have their friends, but... Damn Mohammed!... This house as a vi made damn become. had a fucking wild party! "Sonny was angry and give I had, so I was when we realized we were cleaning, if our children do not have this game would not be happening. and what Jamal was thinking of getting involved with Dalziel. I knew whatwas all more. And what Brett was doing here? That was a set of two of them? No, the police said it was the one, or one who had called. Neighbors called the police about the noise. Brett was the only call about what had happened. "What do you think, " Sonny told me. I shook my head. I thought many things, but I was tired and could not trust my own thoughts. I looked at Sonny, he came and hugged me. that s it was time to go to bed and rest. We had much to do, but nothing would be done without rest. I woke with a start. I looked around, confused at first, but realized that was in my own bed in my own home. I still could not believe what I is happening. I could not remember what all happened, but I knew what the police and said my father. Kei and I had some roofies ' fell' and , then all parties took turns... Oh God, Pthc Toplist Lolita I want to be sick. I out of bed and went to my bathroom just time to pull the toile t. The thought of all the boys... I threw up again and then began to mourn. I fell on the bathroom floor, curled up and cried. I I hate it. I hate that. I hated that we had the damn game. I hated that my father was gay and that he met Sonny and Kei... I hated that I had this feeling... I hated that I was gay. I do not want to be gay. Hate it. Well... Now I have to go back to the doctors. I can be a sexually transmitted disease. I can has HIV. No, No, No, I stood still cry. My life was over. all This would be in the news. My father knew that my friends know. I mother knowing. Sitting in the cabinet in my bathroom were doctors pills had prescribed. They were a kind of sleeping pill or something. I prepared the bottle with instructions. No Pthc Toplist Lolita more than 8 in a 24 hours. Take as needed. I needed them. I will need now more than n ever. I saw my hand, opened the pill bottle and threw it all contained in the hand. Then put them all in my mouth and gagged tHem down. This was the right thing. I had to do. I returned to my the bed and lay down. This was the right thing. I closed my eyes, but s did not stop the tears. "I love you daddy," she said. This was all my damn fault. If not for me, this shit does not have that has happened. What was I really think that this shit happens to Jamal. It was new to this. Damn it ! I really like, I mean... Sorry. I knew he fell , which would be right to leave him. But I was not trying to it again... I mean, I, but I wanted to get with me. I means... Jamal is cool as shit. He is handsome, sexy, sweet... We have lots of in common. Damn it ! I've always fucking shit. Dad Mohammed and let me live here n and I fuck up right. I was sitting on the edge of the bed. I had a lot of , in my opinion. I knew that eventually my father Mohammed and ask, the game. Jamal could not allow to take the blame. There were n through enough. Hell, I can not with me. I FUCKIKei ng Dexter, hard as fucking nails. I had to talk to Jamal. I had to apologize to him and let him that all the blame was on me and I wanted to be s all. I just had to be silent. Yes, I would handle it. I fucked up, I , can be arranged. I got out of bed and went into the bedroom of Jamal. I knocked,. There was no response. He was probably asleep. I opened the door, I n to wake him and tell him. When I walked into something does not seem on the right. I did not feel well. Jamal went and called his name. that s not moving. I did it again, he did not move. I shook him, he has to move. That's when I noticed a pill on the floor of the bed next to the bed. that s been one of the pills, the doctors gave him is. Why was he on the floor? I looked around and saw a bottle of pills in his bedroom. I went to his bathroom and found her bottle. It was fucking empty. Oh, no. Oh hell s no bitch. Jamal and I went toward him. I hit face. I screamed histo call. " Why, why do you have ? Me Goin ' doing things right ! " I s called. Door room opened and Jamal Mohammed and my father ran. "What the hell is going on here ?" Dad yelled. Jamal Mohammed saw in the bed and approached him. It did not take long to realize that s something was wrong. " Son, son Jamal? Jamal? Wake up son? " " Kei? " My dad asked me "What happened " tears in my eyes when I showed him the empty bottle. " She took them all. " Mohammed snatched the bottle from his hand. He looked at her and then Jamal. He exclaimed. There was a deep sound from deep within his soul. My father was to him, Mohammed did to my father and wept. I was on the wall. What s pussy I have. What the hell have I done? That was all I damn fault. We were all crying when Jamal suddenly coughed. We look for him, and when he returned to cough pills and other things streams of the mouth of his s. ", CALL 911! " Dad told me that Muhammad, who was turning left in Jamal hand. I called 911 andSaid the dispatcher what had happened, and to bring up the ass. " Jamal... " I said, like my dad and Mohammed him on his side. "It can not die. Can not. It's my fault. It's all my fault. " Mohammed looked at me as if I were a stranger. " What? " I looked. I had to do this. "It was my fault. I wanted the party to. Jamal did not. " Darker side of Muhammad, and I was afraid. " We invite you to waste in this house? " Mohammed replied: "You are the reason Why raped my child? " " Mohammed" , the Pope said, " cool. " " Calm down ? " Mohammed saw my father as if he were a foreigner. ".. That was Kei ", " threw him to the party and thanks to him my son was raped " n Dad said, " Jamal is a drug like was postponed, " n " daddy," she said, "is my fault. 's all my fault. I took the drink Jamal. " When they told me that Mohammed stood up as fast as. " You are my son to drink? " Mohammed growled : "You are my son, who drugs?" "No... no... I mean I broughtto drink, but I... " I have been in the n , but I felt it, and when I fell I broke my neck and jaw. When I Pthc Toplist Lolita looked Mohammed had closed fist, and my father wanted n it back from me. "Mohammed had lost his mind. He is a child, "said Dad. " He is responsible for all this, Sonny. He let the junk in my house, and my ​​son is paying the price matters. " " Your son is not the only one suffering, Mohammed, "said Dad. N " I can not say. My son is the one who swallowed a pill bottle. My son which is a pain. My son is running well. He was probably s here to bother Pthc Toplist Lolita my son. " " Now that's fucking enough, "he defended dad. The words of Muhammad injured. You hurt me bad. " Oh come on, Sonny. You and I know Kei is hot in the ass. The first time I moved here trying to hit on me. "Mohamed. Damn, I thought I'd forgotten that shit. Dad looked at me and then he saw Muhammad. " What happened to this our home. What happened to the ber our children? "Dad said. " Pthc Toplist Lolita If you had a condom shit was that we were not fucking with this problem. "Mohamed. I was in the living shit n more? " Well, at least my son can accept the fact that he is gay. Not like yours. " " Jamal is not gay, "snapped Mohamed. Dad laughed at him, and there was humor in it. " Yes it is. And it seems that the only people who know me and Kei " " My son is not gay and if it would not be bullshit as having n whore of a child. If the gangbang she gave him, Kei? Want Other... damn it " My Dad Mohammed punch in the mouth. Mohammed was scared, but he came back with a blow of their own, and before I knew it was a struggle since n \\ \\ mad men. the paramedics came to see how they struggle and called police. the police came to my father and Muhammad as a control for n Jamal paramedics away. the police took my father, Mohammed was a a paramedics took Jamal. I was alone Pthc Toplist Lolita in thand home. The house that destroyed me. Once again, I took something perfect. It was time for me to go. I took what I could in the same bag I came here, with. I left a message of Muhammad, Dad, and Jamal. Did not know where he , but it was always best to be careful, the breakdown occurs. continued [ Write a message to Michael Martell wyzman34 aol. com. Check also: brotherslikeus_brother2brother yahoogroups. com
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